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Over 50 years ago, Bishop Hamilton Taitt had a vision of the Lord Jesus Christ and His return for the saints. This book draws attention to the fact that the Lord, our Redeemer will soon appear to take His bride, the followers of Jesus Christ, away. We need not be getting ready, but be ready for His return. Look Up gives us a look at the prophecies, visions, and signs in these times foretold by the prophets, of Christ's coming return. It also looks to the future revelations, prophesied by the Apostle John and others, which speak of perilous tribulations to come upon the earth and its inhabitants. Yet, there is hope for the believers of Christ to be re-unified with the Father, in a paradise restored in the New Jerusalem. Therefore, we ought to live in readiness, so that His coming will not catch us unprepared.

The LORD Himself warned us, "... Behold, I am coming quickly" (Revelations 22:12). As you read and study the contents of this book, be challenged to 1) have your Bible to study and reference, and 2) pay attention to world news from reliable sources. No one can predict the time when the LORD should come. Yet, as John proclaim at the end of Revelation, "... Even so, come, Lord Jesus" (Revelations 22:20).